Loyalty system for retailers CRM4Retail

Our service allows to increase an average purchase receipt by 17% and to return 23% lost customers.
What is CRM4Retail?
Frequency of purchases
Customers will buy your products more often. 20% of clients, who did not buy for a long time, will return.
Customers don't notice price increases in your stores, because they are loyal to your brand.
An average purchase receipt
An average purchase receipt is able to grow by 15%
Campaign templates
You can use templates for your promotion or create your own proposal.
Assortment management
You know for sure, which products are prefered by your customers. So, you can manage the store assortment.
Your marketers know the portrait and preferences of customers and test different marketing tools just with help of the one click.
About service
Work with clients base
CRM4Retail makes it easy to build a client base or not to lose your customers. You can issue bonus cards to customers and enter information about customer manually. In case you have already had the base, you can transfer it to the program even from the excel-document, without losing a single fixed contact.
Integration with cash machine
Loyalty system for retailers CRM4Retail integrates with the most common cash machineprograms like 1С, Frontol, iiko, Reline.Retail. It takes data from cash machine and tells you all about customer purchases and preferences.
Any data about your customers
Some businesses need to collect special data about their customers. It's easy! You can collect and analyze any data and use it during the creation of marketing campaign. From anniversaries to zodiac sign! There is only one important thing. It's agreement or your customers to share information with you. Other tasks are work of CRM4Retail.
Сreation of marketing campaigns
You can use templates from CRM4Retail for your promotion, if you want. Templates were created as a result of different experiments with real retailers. Or you can create your own proposal and rely on your own experience.
Tools and opportunities
With help of CRM4Retail you have an opportunities:
  • To suggest analogues - own trademark.
  • To offer more margin goods.
  • To increase the average purchase receipt.
  • To predict the next customer purchase.
  • To make personal offers and return the customer.
  • To propose coalition programs with partners.
Assess the effectiveness
Thanks to a flexible system of analytics in CRM4Retail, you can always evaluate how effective your loyalty program is.
How many customers didn't buy goods for a long time? What is your average purchase receipt? How often do clients make repeated purchases? How many new customers do you have every month? How much does it cost? You will always have actual information about it.
CRM4Retail statistics
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templates of marketing campaigns
Our clients
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